Welcome to test Valolink’s chat bot! Chatbot is exactly what it sounds like, that is, a chatting bot. The bot can help the visitor to the website to choose the most suitable service for him, to find the answer to a frequently asked question, in troubleshooting, or to collect contact information from the visitors for contacting or sending an offer.
Chatbot doesn’t say what happens, but the bot’s conversations run along planned paths. The bot’s stories are easy to design just right for your purpose. Below you can try out the routes made for our test bot.
This test bot does not save or send messages, so you can test in peace! If you want us to contact us or offer a chat bot, then you can leave us a message under the bot.

Chatbot features:

  • Can be easily installed on any site, had the site built on any platform

  • Chatbot is optimized to load quickly, so your site’s download speed won’t suffer

  • Analytics are included in all installations, so you get concrete data about using chatbot

  • Fits smoothly on both computer and mobile phone screens

Contact us

Write down below about your chatbot needs and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, on weekdays during the same day, or within 24 hours at the latest. If you still can’t say exactly what you want or would just like to talk about it, then you can also leave a call request!

    Why is chatbot so popular and how to use it on websites?

    The popularity of Chatbot is based on its simplicity and attractiveness. As people’s ability to concentrate shortens, long blog posts are read less and information is sought to be gathered as quickly as possible. The animated chat bot captures the visitor’s attention, and provides quick responses. For example, a chat bot can provide a visitor with links to content that answers the visitor’s questions. Usually, based on a couple of questions, you already get an accurate picture of what your visitor wants to know.

    Visitors to the site therefore benefit from the chat bot, but it also helps the webmaster. A chatbot is an easy way to gather information about your visitors, what topics interest them most, whether they are willing to buy your products or services. The chat bot can also collect leads, where it is a great tool as it works 24/7 and the costs are low. The chat bot can also make it easier for contacts and requests for quotations when you get to query preliminary information from visitors and the chat bot attaches it to the request.

    The chat bot also bends to a wide range of questions, the easiest is to give visitors options – not too much but also not too little… Open text fields are also important for gathering information. Chatbot can also bring a more relaxed touch to corporate communication. We haven’t been enthusiastic about using moms in communication yet, but they too succeed from our chat bot.

    The most important thing, of course, is what you ask. Contact us and we will plan questions and answers together!