The company’s website is a seller who is never on vacation.

The company’s website is at its best a tireless salesperson who procures contacts, requests for quotations or orders around the clock without taking breaks. However, creating such a client machine is challenging, as the conveyor belt has a slew of steps that everyone needs to work on.

Building a website requires technical expertise, an understanding of visuals and usability, project management, knowledge of the purchasing path, project management, and checklists. A functioning vending machine also needs visitors that it can turn into customers, and for that you also need an understanding of where and how to get traffic to your site. We have the right balance of all of these.

Kotisivut yritykselle rakennetaan Valolinkin tiloissa Vallilassa

What are the components of a functional company website?

Although the home page as a whole consists of many challenging sub-entities, the formula for a working website can be simplified from misleading to concise:

  1. Get the right kind of traffic to your site
  2. Encourage visitors to explore the site in more detail
  3. Convince visitors to contact

Ideally, page traffic consists mainly of potential customers. When getting visitors to your site, you should usually invest in quality rather than quantity. Getting traffic to your pages is half the profit, and the other half is getting as many new visitors as possible. To do this, you need to convince the customer of the necessity you offer, its benefits, your reliability, your quality and eliminate any unnecessary sense of risk, and make the next step as easy as possible, be it contact, request for quotation or order.

At their best, websites bring a steady stream of requests for quotations or orders, and significantly reduce sales costs. Depending on the industry, however, the competition can be fierce, with winners taking a bear share of turnover and where inferior sites do not make it to the prize places.

How is your company’s website project progressing?


Contact us

If you already have a clear picture of what you need, we can build an offer for you directly, but if you would like to hear our views on which kind of website would best suit your situation, we will be happy to hold a design meeting to build a proposal that works for you. We are happy to go through your needs by phone.



Once the delivery content and price have been agreed upon, we will send a 50% initial invoice for the project and the website project will get underway. We will bill the rest once the site is published and everyone is happy with the outcome!


Content & images

Depending on the project, the texts that come to the pages are collected and produced, and images of the company’s own images, image bank images and / or separate photography are arranged for the websites.


Appearance and changes

The design of the layout is based on the starting points agreed with the customer and any existing graphic material, logo and / or graphic instructions. The layout is used to build the look and feel of the future site.


Site construction

Based on the layout, a WordPress site is built on the light link server. The first thing is to make a simple home page, where you can see how the layout works in practice, and test the usability and responsiveness of the site. After that, the remaining subpages of the site as well as the functionalities are built.


Testing and optimization

The functionality of the site is carefully tested, and technical